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#StayHome is a Social-Management Real Time Strategy.

Welcome to the Social-Management real time Strategy. We present you the simulator of high readiness. Take on the role of a police commander, call police patrols, catch malicious violators and send them to home, monitor the needs of the people and control the situation in your district.

Control the self-isolation index

The dangerous virus outbreak happened in the city. Protect the people of your district from dangerous disaster. Don't allow people to go public places. And control their paths to work and shops.

Control taxes getting

Taxes is a way to pay salary for the police officers. Control the taxes rate and its getting from workers. Mental and emotional strain of people affect the taxes payments and increase the chance of distabilisation in your city.

People needs

Each person in the game has his own needs. Look up for them and get information about the persons destination point and happines level.

Physics fun

Police cars, people, rocks, busses and other objects have their own physics in the game world. Make fun using and playing with them.

The development of the game was started on April 16 as a part of the Keep Calm Do Games isolation game-jam and the game is in a phase of active development!


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StayHome_0.1.7_Windows_x32.zip 434 MB
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Hi, would it be possible to get a steam key after buying this?

Hello, the game doesn't include the Steam key. Cuz the game not published on it's store and there is no plans to do it in near future.